Top Most visited Haunted Places in Rajasthan

Top Most visited Haunted Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the fabulous visited places in Tourism places. In Rajasthan, Most popular Tourism places contain, Forts, Palaces, Arts, historical sites are visited places in Rajasthan. Here we Mentioned most tops visited haunted places. Rajasthan Standa one of the Foreign Tourist area. In Rajasthan, Lake Places, Hills, forts, Rambagh Palace, Devi Garh Palace and other historical palaces stand in top most places. Rajasthan is one of the India’s Tourism area. Peoples have visited these locations in all sessions. Here We discuss Haunted places in Rajasthan State.

   1.Bhangarh Fort


The Bhangarh Fort is 17th century Fort build in Rajasthan State in India. It was Build bu Man Singh I. The Ford Build in 1613 Arad place. Madho Singh named it. It builds in Bhangarh Village. Man Singh makes it with Stones and Brick Material. Spookiness and Horror Surrounding this place is the extent to the Area of Tourism in Rajasthan. Bhangarh Fort Visiters visited in Morning times at Night the Area is in clear stage and peaceful. Because of Bhangarh Prince rounded madly in this Fort atNight Time. Bhangarh Fort located in Sariska Reserve of Aravali hills of Alwar District. The Fort looks like very Attractive and inside of Fort Attracts the Visiters.

 2. Brij Raj Bhavan

Brij Raj Bhavan is another haunted place in Rajasthan. It Also called as Kota. Brij Raj Bhavan located in Southern Rajasthan of India. There are few haunted places in Kora. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace is one of the Haunted places in Rajasthan India.  Once a former family of Kora, Having Resident of Ghost palace. Brij Raj Bhavan Kota is a most famous tourist area. After Jaipur and Jodhpur Places. It is Ghost Resident palace and Major Charles Borton. It is Haunted ghost castle by Major Charles Borton, Killed by his Two sons in Against to British Rules. 

    3. Kuldhara Haunted places in Rajasthan State

Kuldhara is another obsessed place in Rajasthan. The Paliwal harassed by the Ruler. They are playing with huge money. One day, Paliwal Apparently set his eyes on One girl. She was Chief’s Daughter. After that, the girl accepts the proposal. Kuldhara around people said that the Chief’s Daughter around in Kuldhara at Night times. No one can live in this place after Night time. It is an abandoned place located in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan state, India.  

   4. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort located on the edge of Jaipur, India state of Rajasthan. It opens from 10 Am to 8 PM Amer Fort and Jaipur Fort. Nahargarh Fort is another frequented place in Rajasthan. Most of the Visiters visited this place in only Morning times. Because of each Haunted palace or fort contains History and ghost story. Also, Nahargarh Fort includes Ghost Story. Nahargarh Fort called as Pink City. It has built by Nahar Singh. After his death, It returns as a wild story in All sorts. Nahargarh Fort is a most haunted fort. It located in Aravalli Hills

   5. Jagathpur, Delhi Jaipur Road

Jagathpur is also known as the Haunted place in Rajasthan India. In Delhi, Jaipur Raod is a well known Haunted place. In Jaipur Road At night time ghost rounds on this road. Eight Miles Before, On Jaipur Road, you would stop a local Dhaba. It has said that near Dhaba, a lady met with a car Accident that had led her to death. People that drive in dark stop on this road the woman in bright red saree wearing jewels standing right side of the road in front clash royale of the vehicle. You halt the car the lady disappear. It was typical incident faced by all drives. 

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