Top 5 Attracted Places to Visit In Mahabalipuram Tourism

Top 5 Attracted Places to Visit In Mahabalipuram Tourism

Mahabalipuram town has situated in  Kancheepuram district in the south of city Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has also known as Mamallapuram. It is one of the magnificent cities in India. Mahabalipuram has few more Tourist areas for visitors. Mahabalipuram is a town, and it attracts the tourist’s caves and historical places. Here we discuss top five tourist areas in Mahabalipuram. And we provide Travel details about Mahabalipuram Tourism. The temples of Mahabalipuram is portraying described in Mahabharata. It founded in 7th Century in Ruller of Pallavas. The group Mountains in Mahabalipuram is known as UNESCO of world heritage site.

1. Arjuna’s penance

Arjuna’s Penance has situated in the town of Mahabalipuram at distance of 58 kilometers from the Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu. The Arjuna’s Penance is a sir- base reliefs monolith. It ha to describe in Mahabharata. Arjuna is the brother of one of the Pandavas. It has one of the Famous tourist areas in Mamallapuram. Visitors are interested in visit this location. Arjuna’s penance organized between to stones which are above 98 feet each one. It has  Massive Air- base relief sites.

2. Thirukadamallai

Thirukadamallai temple has located in Mahabalipuram. And It is also called as Sthlasayana Perumal Temple. It has constructed as Dravidian style architecture. The Temple has built in the roller of Pallavas. The temple has to believe to the birthplace of Vaishnava Azhwar Booththalvar. The Temple is famous in Mahabalipuram Temple. It temple authority organized daily pooja and festival days pooja. Tourist attracted to visit this location throughout the year and Festival occasions. The temple built by Pallavas during 8th Century BC. The temple is maintained and administrated by the Hindu region and Endowment Board of Government of Tamilnadu.

3. Cave Temples

Cave Temples in Mahabalipuram in Coromandel coast of Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamilnadu, Chennai. In this temple found much- unidentified cave temple pillar. It has many caves, and It has attracted tourists with magnificent architecture. Also called as Mandapas or Rock Cut Cave. Here eleven rock cut cave seen in Mahabalipuram which is Mahishasuramardhini Cave Temple, Varaha Cave Temple, Panchapandava Cave temples. Tourists like to visit this location. It gives an excellent experience to each visitor. The Cave Temples, Monolithic Temples, Structural temples of Pallavas Sculptural are different. Compared to Ajantha caves, It constructed with small dimensions and simple plans.

4. Shore Temple

Shore temples have so named because of it has overlooked the beach, and it located in the Bay of Bengal. It is Structural Temple and built by Pallavas in the 8th century AD. The Temple has made by promontory sticks in the Bay of Bengal at Mahabalipuram a village in Chennai. The Temple is famous for Chennai people. Tourists like to visit this location during Festivals and also Normal days. Shore Temple constructed with Blocks of granite. It attracts the visitors with golden yellow, and in Sunrise time it looks breathtaking and Pleasent look. It has another tourist area in Mahabalipuram.

5. Pancha Rathas

Pancha Rathas is a complex and situated in the Bay of Bengal in Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. It is one of the examples of Monolithic Architecture and dating late of the 7th century. The Pancha Rathas built Mahendravarma I and his son Narasimha Varma I in the Pallavas Kingdom. Tourists attracted to visit this location in Summer occasions. It attracts the visitors with Structural style. And Rathas build with Cut Rock Caves. It is another great tourist place in Mahabalipuram Tourism.

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