Kovalam Tourist Places- Best Places to Visit in Kovalam Tourism

Kovalam Tourist Places- Best Places to Visit in Kovalam Tourism

Kovalam is famous for some beaches. It has a beach town located in Thiruvananthapuram of South Indian state of Kerala. It had a part of the Arabian sea and situated 16 kilometers from the  City of South Center. Kovalam Tourist Places attracted the visitors with Beach location. Thousands of visitor visited this site throughout the year. Tourist visit Kovalam Beach between the months of September to May months. Kovalam means grow off trees. The Kovalam village has covered with endless trees of coconut sight. 

Kovalam had a beach and separated by three beaches. It has specified for the Spot of the Ayurvedic village. It has the perfect place for a Picnic spot in the People of South Indian state Kerala. Kovalam has a large number of beaches with Beach resorts. It has other famous tourist attractions surrounded by Kovalam. Kovalam Beach town has a most prominent place in India during the Hippy era. Here we Discuss most viewable locations in Kovalam Tourism.

1. Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse beach has located at the southern ends of the beach. Here Three beaches separated namely, Hawah Beach, Samudra Beach, and Lighthouse Beach. Lighthouse Beach has named after 30 kilometers High Lighthouse Beach.  The largest among that three beach is at Lighthouse Beach. It has a most viewable beach in Kovalam. It has attracted the Travelers with Silver sand and ended with Greenish Palm trees. 

Kovalam has significant Lighthouse. The tourists have interested in visiting this location during the Summer holidays. Panoramic view of Beach and Sunset Point another major attraction in this Beach. A Significant amount of visit this area. The Beach Tourist Authority provided some Hotels and resorts for visitors. Here Kovalam beach resorts famous for Sea Food.

2. Hawah Beach

Hawah Beach has situated at the opposite of Lighthouse beach. It has the most beautiful beach in Kovalam beaches. Tourists can interest in visiting this site of Hawah Beach in Evening times. It has situated in the South Indian state of Kovalam. Kovalam has the part of Trivandrum. The Beach location in the early morning has crowded with natives of fishermen’s. 

After the Sun set, The Beach area looks very attractive. Because of it reflects the Charms of Moonlights in Nighttime. Hawah Beach perfect for Picnic and Adventure sports in Kovalam Beaches. Tourists can interest in participating the Adventure sports. The beach Authority provides you. It has easy to reach this location from Trivandrum.

3. Samudra Beach

Samudra Beach has located towards the north beach of Kovalam. It has another famous beach area in Kovalam beaches. Tourists reached this location through cross the Trivandrum. Samudra beach filled the huge amount of visitors during the summer session. It has famous for a scenic view of Beach and Beach area contained garden for interested visitors. Samudra Beach has known for the capital of Trivandrum. It has near to situated in Trivandrum. The Tourist place of Samudra Beach has Home to stay in this beach available in cheapest cost. 

4. German Bakery

German Bakery has famous for Lighthouse Beach reached tourists. It has situated near to the Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam. Tourists visit this destination to reach Trivandrum. It has famous for Bakery items. Like, Pancakes, Milkshakes, Cookies available. It has treated as Five senses. German Bakers has planned curries, German Sausages, and Sea Food for Dinner. It has provided Yummy and tasty food for Tourists. German Bakery attracted the visitors with sausages and Milkshakes. It has Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Visitors can reach German Bakers in Any time of the Day, and The Bakery treats the Tourists with Delightful food.

5. Karamana River

Karaman is a River flowing through the Thiruvananthapuram in the South Indian state of Kerala. It has another famous viewable site in Kovalam. The River flows 66 kilometers from the Arabian sea at Panathura near Kovalam. Karamana River has large numbers bridges across it. The main bridge is Karamana River Bridge. It has many feature Attractions for Tourists. Biodiversity of Karamana is supporting the plants, and there are typical of tropics. The Karamana River has Two high dams, Aruvikkara Dam and Peppara dam which lies on Karamana. Tourists visit this destination from reaching the panoramic view of Karamana River.

6. Edakallu

Edakallu is one of the popular tourist destination in Kerala. It has situated in Kovalam of South Indian state. Edakallu has famous for the popular attraction of Sunset view. The Viewpoint of Sunset located between the Beaches of Lighthouse beach and Eve’s Beaches. Thousands of tourists visit this location during the months of November to February. Remaining months Edakallu tourist area maintained Temperature between 16-degree Celsius to 34-degree Celsius. It offers an enchanting view of Red and Orange with a New pattern of beautiful Sky. It has the perfect place for capture the pictures of different models of Sky. 

7. Vellayani Lake

Vellayani Lake

Vellayani has a Lake situated in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state. It has located 9-kilometers from the Bus station of Thampoona. Vellayani Lake attracted the visitors with Clean and Fresh Water. In Night times, The Lake reflects the crystal clean. Local people of Vellayani said that it has the Kochi Kovalam that means Tiny Kovalam. Vellayani Lake water has used for daily drink water. The Tourist Authority will not miss allowing the opportunity of seeing the Vellayani lake. Thousands of tourists visit his location throughout the year. Famous Boat Race organized during the festive of Onam. Vellayani Lake has known as Vanamala.

8. Halcyon Castle

Halcyon Castle situated in the Kovalam of Kerala State. It has constructed by M.R Sri Rama Varma Valiya Koli Thampuran. It is famous of Kovalam. Tourists visit this location for reaching the Castles. The Castle has one of the most popular tourist spots in the international beaches in Kovalam Places. The Tourist destination run by the Indian tourist authority. After that, it has owned by the private group named as Leela group run this location. The tourist place well connected the Kerala Capital city of Thiruvananthapuram district.

9. Valiathura Pier

Valiathura Pier has a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram. This lake was once only a port along the south India of Kerala Cost. Valiathura Lake lost its Significant view of Port. Tourist visit this destination throughout the year. The Pier location attracted the visitors with Plants of Palm trees and enjoyable nature. The Valathura has also known as Raithura or Rajathura from the Kingdom of Travancore. It has famous for its Pier.

10. ViZhinjam Village

Vizhinjam Village has a port of international shipping of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state. It has another famous tourist location in Kovalam tourism. It has a Seaport in International Deepwater in multi- purpose of shipping in the Initial Stage of Development.  Kovalam has few more tourist attractions for visitors. It has attracted the number of visitors to Kovalam beach resorts. Kovalam Tourist Places destination well connected with the Major cities in Kovalam. And it has near to located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala.

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