Mussoorie Tourist Places- Top Ten Places To Visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie Tourist Places- Top Ten Places To Visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is famous Hill Tourist location and Municipal hill in Dehradun District of the Northern Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. It has situated on Foothill of Garhwal Himalayan hills. Tourists visit this destination throughout the year. It has famous for Trekking trails, Snow Sports. Mussoorie Tourist location covered with Snow capped hills. Tourists visit this destination during the months of October to May months. Mussoorie Tourist Places fill with major attractions of Skating, Hiking. Travelers interested in visiting Mussoorie to reach the ancient temples, and Snow View Point.

1. Kempty Falls

The Kempty Water Falls situated on the Hilly location of Uttarakhand. It has famous for Uttarakhand tourist spots. The name Kempty has derived from Cam- Tea. The Kempty tourists place developed by British Officer John Mekinan. Tourists visit this destination throughout the year. Kempty Waterfalls water streams flow throughout the year from the southern village of Bangalow ki Kandi Move northwest. Kempty Falls attracted the visitor with Fresh and Looks milk nature water flows. 

2. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba has located in the Landour area at an average elevation of 8000 meters. It has the highest peak in Mussoorie. Lal Tibba has Oldest population tourist attraction in Mussoorie. It has famous for Scenic View of Boating, Sunset, Sunrise, and Forest locations. Tourists visit this area throughout the year. But It has perfect to visit during the Summer months of Mid of March to June Months. And Need to carry with Woollies with us. Because of It has received a high range of snow from the Himalayas. But there no particular time a day to visit this destination. In Mussoorie, it has known as Red Hills. Sunset view attracted the visitors in evening times. 

3. Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a Tourist area. It has located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state, India. It has famous for Valley location trekking also. The Place Happy Valley located nearer to the Indian Tibetan administration- Lal Bahadur Sastri National Academy of Administration. Happy Valley is another famous attraction in Uttarakhand. Thousands of tourists visit this destination during the months of the end of Winter to the summer session. The Happy Valley location is surrounding to Cloud Ends.

4. Camel Back Road

Camel Back Road has Situated in Mussoorie. A beautiful, peaceful walk under nature will always boost the calmness in this way. It has called Camel Back. The Name Camel Back Road, End of this road it has camel shaped natural hill rocks. So it has called as Camel Back.  Tourists visit this destination during the months of October to June months. The Camel Back tourist spot situated center of Mussoorie City. Nearest Railway point located in Dehradun to reach Camel Back Road.

5. Gun Hill

Gun Hill has other Top Hill in Mussoorie. It has popular for Tourist attraction in Uttarakhand with Photography and Himalayan view. It allows 360 view range of Himalayan.  Gun Hill provides a Picturesque view of Mussoorie and Doon Valley. Thousands of Visitors visit this destination throughout the year.

6. Mussoorie  Lake

Mussoorie Lake is one of the famous tourist spots in Uttarakhand. It has located nearer to the Dehradun and Mussoorie city. It has perfect and famous for Families and couples for a day out picnic spot. Thousands of visitors visit this destination throughout the year. Because of the lake attracted the visitors with boating features. Tourists have to allowed in the lake for one to two hours sailing. From Mussoorie, The destination time to take Thirty Minites.

7. Christ Church

Christ Church established in 1836. It has constructed with Gotic style architecture. The Church opens with Particular times. The Christ Church has one of the famous church and tourist spots in Uttarakhand. Tourists visit this church for Christ prayer period. It opens all times in a year. But Prayers conducted on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. Here has no center fee for Church. The inside of church grabs the one’s attention with Interior, decoration of Walls and William Hill Organ. Christ Church outside location attracted a huge number of tourists with a favorable climate.

8. Sir George Everest’s House


Sir George Everest’s House established in 1832. It has major tourist location in Mussoorie. It has known as Sir George Everest’s House as Park Estate. Everest’s House has situated six kilometers nearer toGhandi Chowk. Tourists visit this destination throughout the year. Tourists visit this house without any entry fee. The Exploration time has Two hours. Sir George Everest was Welsh Surveyor geographer and General Surveyor of India. He has responsible for complete the section of Great Trigonometric Surveyor. The Mount Everest named has selected of his honors in 18615 in the English Language. Jwalaji Temple

9. Jwalaji Temple

Jwalaji Temple has situated west of Mussoorie and an average elevation of 2100m. The temple has a most significant location and visited by thousands of tourists in a year. Jwalaji Temple has the Idol of Mata Devi. The Temple surrounded by Dense forests and Pine, Deodar forests. It has started from Cloud’s end and Himalayan Pinnacle. Jwalaji Temple has one of the famous ancient Temple in Mussoorie. It provides the Charming view of Doon valley. The place has also known as Benog Hill. The temple has situated at the top of this Hill. The Mall

10. The Mall

The Mall Road in Mussoorie has one of the famous attraction in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. It has located in Mussoorie with walkable distance. It has modern shopping malls and shops. Here, Food and snacks famous. Tourists visit this destination throughout the year. Books, Skating rinks available here for kids entertainment. For reaching the Mall road nearest railway station situation 31 kilometers away from Dehradun and Nearest airport located 210 kilometers from the Jolly Grant.

Mussoorie Tourist Places are famous for Winter session. In the winter Snow capped from the Shivalik range of Himalayas. The has some other attraction in Uttarakhand. Also, we provide some visited tourists places. Viewers make a long trip to Mussoorie, and it gives enjoyable reality. Mussoorie has famous with its Green Hills and various of Floras and Fauna.

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