Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary- Complete Guide to Pakhal Lake and National Park, Telangana

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary- Complete Guide to Pakhal Lake and National Park, Telangana

Pakhal Lake provides the untouched beauty of nature. It was a man- made lake in the Pakhal Sanctuary in Warangal district of the southern Indian state of Telangana. The Lake appears more attractive climate. Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to several species of wild animals, birds, and vegetations. The Lake was 13th-century lake established by Kakatiya dynasty Ganapatideva. Thousands of travelers visited this lake around all year. The travelers can explore wildlife in Pakhal sanctuary. The sanctuary has opened all days in a year. It was one of the best options for bird watching.

Climate Condition

The Pakhal National Park has experienced tropical climate around all year. The sanctuary has gains maximum and minimum temperature during Summer and Winter sessions. Monsoon in Pakhal receives maximum rainfall up to 1225 millimeters. Monsoon occurred from June to September months. Summer starts from March to May months. Those months, it gains maximum temperature up to 40 degree Celsius. Winter starts from October to February months. In this session, Pakhal experience pleasant and minimum heat range up to 15 degree Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Pakhal

After monsoon occasion, Pakhal sanctuary blessed with more lush nature and it gains heavy tourist crowd. Also, animals are active in this session.Best time to visit Pakhal park from November to June months. Those months provides sanctuary exploration favorable climate to the visitors. 

Wild animals and Birds in Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary spread an area over 387 square kilometers. In this sanctuary, travelers can observe a wide range of animals, birds, vegans include, Lions, Tigers, Chital, Gura, Hyena, Spotted Deer, Musk Deer, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Indian Macaque, Langur, Jungle Cat, Jackle, Nilgai, Wild Dog, Wolves, Panther, Reptiles like Cobra, Python, Monitor lizard, Crocodile. The Lake has attracted thousands of visitors with its picturesque landscapes and Birds. 

How to Reach

The Park way has much connected to the major destinations and nearby cities in Warangal via road, rail, and airways. It offers few more access ways to reach this destination easily. 

Hyderabad international airport situated near to this sanctuary. It has located about 250 kilometers from Pakhal Lake. From this airport regular buses available to Pakhal Sanctuary in Warangal. 

The nearest railway station was located in Warangal. Warangal Railway junction in situated about 50 kilometers from this park. Narsampet railway head has another nearest destination to reach this park which has located about 60 kilometers from Warangal. 


The destination has much connected to the nearby cities in Warangal and major cities in Tegalnaga via roadway. The destination has offered a vast number of accommodation opportunities to the travelers. The visitor also chooses your luxury accommodation near to this park. Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Tourist guest Houses available for all kind of travelers. Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary has one of the known tourist attractions for Warangal visitors after 1000 pillar Temple, and Rock Garden. 

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