Chikhaldara Hill Station- Guide To Explore Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

 Chikhaldara Hill Station- Guide To Explore Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Chikhaldara, a hill station located in Amaravathi District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a famous area for hill station tourism. And in Mahabarath this is the location Bheema killed lady rakaasi Kheechaka. The hill station situated at an altitude of 1,118 meters above sea level and has few major tourist areas. National Parks, Peaks, Falls, and Temple are in the Hill station. Chikhaldara hill station attracts tourist with Green trees and forest atmosphere and it is a home for beautiful lakes, exotic wildlife.  Malviya Point, Bhimkund, Bir Dam, Kalapani Dam, Sunset Point, Mukthagiri, museum, Waterfalls, Gawilgad Fort are the other attractions in the destination.




Climate Conditions:

Chikhaldara experiencing little cool temperature in Winter season. Summer season starts from March and lasts until May. During the period the climate is warm during the day and cool in nights.  The temperature during the period ranges between 31 to 40-degree Celsius. Monsoon starts from June month and continues up to September in Chikhaldara, experiences heavy rainfall during these months of monsoon. November to February observed as winter season in Chikhaldara. The temperature recorded in winter period of about 15-degree Celsius. 

Best Time To Explore:

Chikhaldara hill station has filled with many attractions. The hill attracts the travellers with greenery locations. The best time to visit the destination in the winter session. Summer also preferable for the adventurists. October to March considered as best months to explore the destination.

Places To Visit In Chikhaldara hill station:

Chikhaldara hill station

Chikhaldara hill station, one of the beautiful hill stations in the state Maharashtra. The place has enormous wild animals like panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar and tigers are preserved here and it is famous for coffee cultivation. Chikhaldara wildlife sanctuary and breathtaking waterfalls, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Gawaligad Fort, Gugamal National Park, Narnala Fort, Wan Sanctuary, Panchbol Point, Hariken Point, and Semadoh Lake are the nearest attraction places.

Gugamal National Park located in Chikhaldara spread over an area of about 1673 square kilometres. The park has rich medicinal value plants, birds and animals. Morethan 25 types of fish species and many varieties of butterflies are found here. Muktagiri, a Jain temple located 14 km from Paratwada. The place attracts the travellers with 52 temples on the mountain, surrounding a beautiful waterfall and the place famous for monkeys. 

How To Reach:

Chikhaldara hill station has much connectivity to all the major cities in Amaravathi. Tourists can reach the destination by air, train and roadways.

By Air:

The nearest airports located at Akola, which is 130 km and at Nagpur, 230 kms away from the destination. Travellers can reach the destination via by buses or taxis.

By Train:

The nearest railway station located at Badnera, which is 80 kms from the destination. Regular trains from all the major destinations in Maharashtra.

By Road:

Travellers can reach this beautiful destination by buses and by hiring vehicles. Maharashtra state tourism board provides bus facilities to the travellers to explore Chikhaldara.


Chikhaldara hill station provides a wide range of accommodation facilities to the tourists. Cottages, hotels, and lodges are available for the tourists. Tourism board offers packages to travellers.

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