Kerala Treks- Best Trekking Place To Visit in Kerala

Kerala Treks- Best Trekking Place To Visit in Kerala

Kerala is a state in India. It has a famous destination for regular travelers. The destination has also known as Keralam. Kerala provides a number of tourist places and adventure sports spots for thrill experienced visitors. Kerala is known for its scenic beauty of dense coconut trees and lakes of water. Boating in Kerala Lakes one of the famous attraction for visitors. The place filled with Indian visitors and Foreign travelers. Thousands of travelers liked to reach this destination Via roadway. Because of this way covered to greenery layers and attractive nature. In the agricultural sector, Production of Pepper, Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Natural Rubber, and Spice are famous. Kerala tourist places famous for Trekking trails. Best time to visit Kerala Treks places from March to May months.

1. Agastyarkoodam Peak

Agastyarkoodam is a high-altitude peak in  Kerala. It has 1880 meters tall peak which is a part of Agastyamala peak. It has a perfect peak for Adventure seekers. The destination well populated with trekking trails. Travelers interested in visiting this destination to participate this adventure sport. It has second height peak and is famous for Ayurvedic herbs and Medicins. Travelers visit this destination around all year. It has one of the famous and perfect destinations for Treks in Kerala.

2. Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is height peak in Wayanad of the Indian state of Kerala. It has situated at an elevation of 2100 meters above sea level. Tourist Department of Chembra Peak provides Trekking equipment with a higher price to visitors. The Peak is connected to Meppady by  Footway. You can reach this peak by Trek way and after reaching this peak you can find a lake in a Heart shape. Travelers attracted for this lake. Trekking is available in all days. There is no special days for participating in Treks. 






3. Messapudimala Peak

Messapudimala Peak is height peak in the Western Ghats after Anamudi in Idukki district. It has another famous trekking place in Kerala. It has situated at an elevation of 2640 meters above sea level. Messapudimala Peak attracted trekkers with the formation of eight hills. Thousands of travelers reached this destination around all year. The Peak has second height peak in Kerala state. Trekkers experienced peaceful nature with blooming of Rhododendron, Charming Tea Estates, Gurgling Brooks. 

4. Dhoni Hills

Trekking in the west hillside of Dhoni Hills in Kerala is one of the most preferred trek destination by Regular travelers. It has situated at an average altitude of 1200m above sea level. The Dhoni hills situated about 15 kilometers from Palakkad in Kerala. It is a short and easy one to appropriate the first time, trekkers. It has a home for Wild animals, Bule Mountain animals. Dhoni farm located in Dhoni hills. Trekkers attracted for exciting trekking ways. 

5. Silent Valley National Park 

Silent Valley National Park is located in Nilgiri Hills within Palakkad district of the South Indian state of Kerala. It has another trekking place in Kerala. The destination is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. In Kerala Treks, Silent Valley well and populated destination. The spot has attracted visitors with dense forest atmosphere.

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