Barog Hill Station-Complete Guide To Visit Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Barog Hill Station-Complete Guide To Visit Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Barog Hill station located in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This is a Small Hill station in the state, has more population for its Surrounding Nature. Barog has few more tourist attractions nearby this Valley located 1560 metres above the sea level. It is only hill station in the whole country with the registration of Gov. Here Tourists can put their own Tents or get on hire, for a very nominal charge. Choor Chandni peak or Silver Bangle to Refer can see clearly from Barog. The Grave of Barog, Choor Chandni Peak, Dolanji Bon Monastery, Gaura, Barog Festival, Karol Goofy, Renuka Lake, Rajgarh Lake, Jatoli are the attractions in the destination. 




Weather And Best Time To Visit:

The Barog Hill station attracts the travellers with the natural scenic beauty of the surroundings and noted as one of the major tourist destination in the state.

  • Summers starts in the month of March and lasts in May. During the period the climate is little cool and the temperature recorded of about 10 to 23-degree Celsius.
  • June to September months observed as Monsoon occasion in the destination. Heavy rainfall occurs in the period and not good for sightseeing. 
  • October to February marks the Winter season in Barog. In this period the weather is cold and the temperature recorded about 5 to 15-degree Celsius.

The destination filled with many adventurous activities and offers a wonderful view of the natural beauty of the town that will provide you some adored moments. The best season to explore the hill station in both Summer and Winter seasons. October to March considered as the best months to visit.

Attractions At Barog Hill station:

Barog Hill station offers enthralling scenic views of the Solan Valley makes travellers enjoyable. The Tourists can reach this location 37 Kilometers from Kalka and 8 kilometres from Solan. Travellers can observe the moonlight night, the scene is awe-inspiring and silver bangles slide down the mountainsides looks beautiful. The economy of the people in Barog primarily depends on tourism. Toy train in the Barog railway station is the other major attraction in the destination.

Barog Hill Station-Complete Guide To Visit Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Grave of Barog, a tunnel is one of the main tourist attractions in the destination. A manicured and beautiful garden at the grave much to the colourful of tourists. 

Choor Chandni Peak, located 3500 metres above the sea level also known as Choordhar Mountains. The place attracts the travellers with trekking, photography, and explore the beautiful pine forests. 

Dolanji Bon monastery, Gaura, Barog Festival are the attractions in Barog. Karol Goofa, Renuka Lake, Rajgarh Lake etc are the nearest attractions to the destination.

How To Reach And Accommodation:

Barog Hill station well connected to all the major tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Travellers can reach the destination via by Air, Train and Roadways.

  • Air: The nearest airport located at Shimla, which is located 60 km away from the destination. Regular flight services available from the major destinations in North Indian states. 
  • Train: The destination has a railway station, connects to Kalka, Shimla, Chandigarh, and all major railheads in India. 
  • Road: Barog well connected by road. Government buses and private taxis available to reach the destination.
  • Accommodation: HPTDC provides accommodation facilities to the tourists. Tents, Houses, regional food items available to the tourists at a low cost. 

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