Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in India by Train- India’s Luxury Train Trips


Towering in at a height of 169 ft (51.5m), this is one big Shakyamuni Buddha statue that is being built. Made of bronze and gilded in gold, it will house 100,000 8-inch-tall and 25,000 12-inch-tall statues of Buddha also made of bronze and gilded in gold. Situated on the side of a mountain, the Buddha overlooks the southern approach into Thimphu. The views looking down into the valley are splendid, and like most Buddhist temples and monuments, you can feel you've escaped from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not that, Thimphu is exactly a vast metropolitan area offering anonymity to the countless souls going about their daily business, but it's still an escape to a grand viewpoint with a touch of serenity. Elevation: 8,831 ft.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in India by Train- India’s Luxury Train Trips

Mahabarinibbana Sutta is discovered by Buddha himself stated that for purification of Soul. He travelers some peaceful places in India and he know the what is life. Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in India by Train gives more valuable experience to each traveler. This Provides ten nights or eleven days trip to interested visitors. Buddhist tour starts from Delhi to ends with Lucknow. In India, most of the populated destinations contained Buddhist monasteries. Travelers who can interest in making this trip those travelers make this trip in Mid- Monsoon. India’s Luxury Train Trips provides all needed facilities and enjoyable experience.

Duration: 10 Nights/ 11 Days

Destination: Delhi- Agra- Varanasi- Asrnath- Varanasi- Bodhgaya- Rajgir- Nalanda- Patna- Vaishali- Kushinagar- Lumbini- Sahet & Mahet- Lucknow- Delhi.











Day 1: Delhi

 To arrive Delhi and transferred to your accommodation hotel in Delhi chosen by you. 

Day 2: Delhi Sightseeing

Complete day to explore Old Delhi and New Delhi tourist places. You Visit Cultural destinations and oldest monuments in Delhi. Delhi is a capital India. 

Day 3: Delhi- Agra- Varanasi

Third Day in Buddhist Tour, drive to Agra. Later start to explore Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in Agra. Agra provides a vast number of tourist places. It has situated in Uttar Pradesh State. After completing sightseeing in Agra drive to Railway station to catch Varanasi train.

Day 4: Varanasi- Sarnath- Varanasi

Arrive Varanasi at morning section. Drive to Sarnath and visit Buddhism centers in Sarnath. Sarnath is a city in Varanasi and it has an important Pilgrimage site. Afternoon sightseeing places to Varanasi. Assi Ghat, Dhashaswamedha Ghat, Kashi  Viswanath Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple.

Day 5: Varanasi- Bodhgaya

Fifth day morning start boat ride on Ganga River in Varanasi. It has one of the famous tourist attraction in UP state tourism sites. Afternoon transferred to railway station to catch a train to visit Bodhgaya city. 

Day 6: Bodhgaya Sightseeing

Bodh Gaya is a religious site and Pilgrimage Center in Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district of the Indian state of Bihar. It provides more Buddhism centers to interested visitors. Sixth day in Buddhist tour to explore sightseeings in Bodh Gaya. Mahabodhi Temple, Buddha Tree, Wat Thai, Vishnupad Temple.

Day 7: Bodhgaya- Rajgir- Nalanda- Patna, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in India by Train

The seventh day leaves Bodh Gaya and reaches Patna destination in Bihar. It has the oldest capital of Bihar and visits Nalanda and Rajgir. It has one of the famous Buddhism destinations in the Indian state of Bihar. Jain Temples, Viswasanthi Stupa, Bimbisara Jail famous destination in Rajgir. Nav Nalanda Maha Vihar, Nalanda Archaeological Museum, The Great Stupa, Nalanda University.

Day 8: Patna- Vaishali- Kushinagar

Diver to Kushinagar en- route to visit Vaishali in Bihar. Vaishali is a district in Bihar state. To explore tourist destinations in Kushinagar. It has another populated Buddhism center in Bihar. It has a statue of Buddha. Kushinagar tourist places attract thousands of travelers.

Day 9: Kushinagar- Lumbini- Sravasti

Drive to Lumbini and visit tourist attractions in this destination. Lumbini is a Buddhism Pilgrimage center in Nepal. It has one of the famous tourist destination in India. later you can visit Sravasti in UP. Sravasti was a city of ancient India. It has one of the six largest cities during Gautama Budda lifetime.

Day 10: Shet and Mahet- Lucknow- Delhi

Sahet & Mahet is a city in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. It has another famous Buddhist Pilgrimage center in India. Later reach  Lucknow in UP. It has capital of UP state. Some destinations in Lucknow declared to Buddhism sites. Evening drives to the railway station and catches Delhi Train.

Day 11: Delhi

Last day in Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in India by Train to start the journey to Onward destinations. This Buddhist tour provides valuable experience to each traveler.

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