Doodhpathri Hill Station in Jammu and Kashmir, A Tourist Destination in Kashmir Valley

Doodhpathri Hill Station in Jammu and Kashmir, A Tourist Destination in Kashmir Valley

Doodhpathri is a famous tourist destination and a known hill station located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The hill situated at an altitude of 8,957 meters above the sea level. It was located in Budgam district in the Kashmir Valley. Doodhpathri Hill Station offers a wide range of attractions to the travelers. This tourist destination is recently entered into the charts of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism list. Thousands of travelers from all over the India explored this hill station during the spring and late monsoon season. 










Best Season to Explore Doodhpathri Hill 

The State is full of mountains and is a home to several valleys and Lakes. Doodhpathi experiences moderately cold climate from October to February and a little bit of warm climate between April to June months. Summer starts from the Month of March until June. During this period, it experiences warm climate ranging up to 25 degree Celsius. Monsoon starts from Late June until early of October. At this time, Doodhpathri hill gains occasional showers. Winter season of this city starts from Mid- October until February. During this season, it receives moderately cold climate ranging up to 8 degree Celsius. The best time to explore Doodhpathri between April to June and October to December. 

Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Doodhpathri Hill Station

Doodhpathri Hill Station

This beautiful hill station is also called as Valley of Milk. The name of this hill derived as the flow of water appears like a flow of Milk. It offers some most visited and attracted tourist spots in and around Doodhpathri. The hill situated about 42 kilometers from Srinagar. The hill station has a perfect spot for Trekking and Camping adventure activities and also a famous for its lake appears as a stream of Milk. Travelers can experience lush greenish nature and pleasant environment during the trekking period. Tangnar, Yusmarg, Palmaidan are famous attractions to visit in this valley. Mujpather, Dopkhal, Sochilapather, and Parihas are other attractions located on this hill. 

How to Reach and Accommodation 

The hill station situated in Budgam near to Srinagar. The destination well linked to the major cities in this state and significant destinations in India. The Srinagar airport, the closest airport situated about 2 kilometers from Doodhpathri. From this airport regular flights connected to the major cities in India. The nearest railway station situated in Budgam which is located about 42 kilometers from this hill.

The hill station much-connected to the major cities in this state via roadway. Doodhpathri hill station offers a vast number of accommodation facilities to the travelers. The Tourist Department of Jammu and Kashmir provides tourist guest houses, Luxury resorts, hotels, Camping facilities to all kind of travelers budget. 

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