Scuba Diving Adventure Sport | Scuba Diving In India | Types Of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Adventure Sport | Scuba Diving In India |Types Of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is form of underwater diving. This adventurous sport one of the popular activities for both travelers and for outdoor sport enthusiasts.  Scuba Diving, one of the best way to explore variety of flora and fauna and the colorful coral reefs makes underwater looks like paradise. SCUBA is the short form of “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus” .


It was developed by famous under water explorer and conversationalist  Jacques-Yves Cousteau for the French Navy during second world war in the mid 1940’s. After the war the diving  has become as a international adventurous sport which was taken worldwide.The history of modern scuba diving can be traced to warfare much of the advancements in  diving and diving techniques arose for the needs of navies who continuously go on for rescue operations.  The French pair of Cousteau and Gagnan helped to take scuba diving into the modern world more accessible and truly become popular with the invention of demand regulators (Sea Equipment). This Led to National Association of Underwater Instructors in 1961. 

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Scuba Diving In India

India Offers unlimited opportunities for Scuba Diving . There are two major group of islands Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the east coast and Lakshadweep Islands off the western coast . Both offers top facilities and fabulous diving experience. 

Types of Scuba diving 

There are only two types of scuba divings one is fresh water diving and another on is salt water diving. Each type has  its own  unique concern , properties and lifeforms .

1. Drift Diving

drift-dive (1)

Drift Diving, one type of scuba diving where the driver is transported by the water movement  caused by tide , ocean  current or in river. The choice whether to  drift dive depends on the purpose of the dive. At some sites there is always current running and at others the strength and water movement may vary with the tide. The current allows  the driver to cover long distances underwater. 

2. Night Diving 


Going the dive at night time makes use to see the mysterious nature of underwater worlds, which gives us a wonderful experience. A bright underwater flash light will indicate for safe navigation. In some night diving trips if they are guided professionally means lights are built in the right of dive site.  Guided night dives usually give a chance to see certain type of marine life’s  which are attracted to light sources .

3. Deep Diving

deep sea diving

Deep diving,  nowadays a fantastic sea sport.  A deep dive is when a driver go deeper than 18 meters. All deep drive trips will take place 30 meters or more below the surface. Deep dives are for exploring special environments or For marine life’s that only live at greater depths .

4. Cave Diving 

cave diving

This cave diving is one of the favorite diving for many drivers . In India there are various cave diving destinations. Exploring water passageways through submerged caves gives a great fun to the drivers. There are millions of cave diving destinations all around the world.

5. Open Water Diving 

open water diving

Open water Diving is the entry level autonomous driver certification for recreational scuba diving. It allows the driver to dive in open water up to limited level depths.

6. Technical Diving 

tech drivers


Technical Diving is the term to describe all the diving methods in the recreational scuba diving . In technical diving use of special gas mixtures for breathing is a part of it  . These dives will take place at a level of 130 feet with no direct access to environment and natural light . Such sites includes fresh and salt  water caves , and the interior of Shipwrecks. 

7. Ice Diving


Ice Diving is activity of marine environment which was under the layer of ice . Normally you have to make a hole on  the ice with the help of chainsaw and technical driver. The regulator has to work from zero temperature and not freeze up. A dry suit and a thick wet suit heated with warm water first are the facilities provided to the driver.


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