Bumla Pass In Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh | About Bumla Pass | Best Time To Visit Bumla Pass

Bumla Pass In Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh | About Bumla Pass | Best Time To Visit Bumla Pass

If you are an adventure enthusiast then Bumla Pass In Tawang is the right place for you. Moreover, you can able to know your fitness levels. The highly adventurous Bumla Pass is about 37 km away from Tawang. And it is perched at an elevation of 16000 ft above the sea level.  The expedition undergoes many challenges. Most of the landscape covered with snow and it is in horrible condition to drive. Needs a lot of attention while driving. Also, the drivers need to be prowess to drive on mountain terrain.  

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You have to be determined and carry your eatables like chocolates during the expedition. Owing to none of the items will be available on the way to Bumla Pass. Keep in mind that the serene ambience drastically changes as you access the higher altitude areas.  As you access the high altitudes the oxygen levels will be reduced. It is tough to drive in that condition. But you can manage it with your willpower. The moment you reached the Bumla Pass In Tawang you will be treated yourselves as unconquered. 

Before planning an expedition to the Bumla Pass, one should urge for a permit letter at the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Tawang District. After attaining the permission letter, you can start your expedition. Ensure that your letter to be stamped in the Indian army cantonment of Tawang. Otherwise, you will not be allowed at several check posts which come on the way.

Best Time To Visit Bumla Pass:

Bumla Pass doesn’t contain the best of conditions throughout the year. However, plan your adventure To Bumla Pass during October and February to April. During these months, the adventure aficionados will get the chance to explore the unmatched beauty of the Bumla Pass In Tawang

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