Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary | Abohar Black Buck Sanctuary


Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary | Abohar Black Buck Sanctuary

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its abundant collection of Black Bucks. It stretches over an area of 18,650 hectares. The sanctuary is located in the Fazilka District of Punjab. The sighting of Black Bucks in abounding number would certainly astonish the tourists from all over the world.  The blackbuck is the State Animal of Punjab and is considered to be sacred by the Bishnois. It is an open sanctuary and possesses the 13 farmlands of Bishnoi villages who had taken the initiative to protect the endangered black buck species from poaching. Eventually, now the population of Black Bucks reached beyond 4,000. 

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

The fascinating factor of the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is the tourists can easily find the black bucks while wandering freely through the villages. Now the efforts to protect the blue bull has taken. Like Black Bucks, these species also wander freely in this region.

Wildlife Species And Flora At Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary:


Apart from Black Bucks and Blue Bull(Neelgai), it is a habitat for Wild Boar, Porcupines, Jackal, and Hare.  

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary


Albizia lebbeck, A. tortilis, Dalbergia sissoo, P juliflora, Acacia nilotica, Azadirachata indica, Prosopis cineraria and Melia azedarach.

Best Time To Visit:

The idle time to visit the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to March. During this time of the year, one could find the pleasant weather and spot the animals while roaming freely in their habitat. 

How To Reach:

The Sanctuary can be accessed easily and is well connected with efficient transport network. 

By Air:

The nearest and convenient airports are Raja Sansi International Airport in Amritsar and the Sahnewal Airport In Ludhiana. From where Take Bus/Taxi to reach the sanctuary. 

By Rail: 

The nearest railway station is Abohar Railway Station. The other closest major railheads to Abohar are in Sri Ganganagar and Bhatinda. 

By Road: 

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected by road. Avail either Bus/ Taxi to reach the sanctuary from any part of the city Abohar. 

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