Sach Pass | World’s Most Dangerous Road

Sach Pass | World’s Most Dangerous Road

Sach Pass, The high mountain Pass perched at an elevation of 14,500ft above the sea level. Have you ever been to Such Pass for adventure ride?. You Haven’t!. Are you really intend to have a glimpse of the nook and corner of the world?. You are. Then plan a ride on dangerous such pass at least once in your life. The pass offers an unparalleled beauty of striking mountains, mighty snow-clad peaks, and pristine surroundings. The moment when you traversed the extreme Sach Pass, you will be treated yourself as a special one and unconquered. Read on to more about the pass that you are looking for.

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Coming to the extreme pass, it connects the Chamba valley with the Pangi valley. It is erected just over 10 years ago. Furthermore, it is the shortest route from Chamba to the Killer where you would find the overnight stay amenities. The expedition passes through narrow, slippery and perilous roads. One should take required precautions while travelling on Such Pass. If you are expertise in driving on the mountain terrain then you can drive your vehicle. Otherwise, hire the experienced driver who even doesn’t dare to cross the speed limit 10kmph.


Best Time To Explore Sach Pass:

The tourists can explore the pass only between early July and mid-October. The Pangi valley remains to segregate from the rest of country for about seven months in a year.  Familiarizing the weather condition while planning your expedition. Owing to Avalanches and heavy snowfalls may spoil your trip.

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