A Simple Travel Guide To Santa Cruz, California

A Simple Travel Guide To Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz is a city located in the United States of California. This city designed for relaxation. You can find numerous beaches, parks, lighthouse beaches in this city. Santa Curz is a home to several lakes, beaches include Lighthouse field state beach, Natural Bridges state beach, Santa Cruz Mission state historic park, Twin lake state beach are famous tourist attractions in this city. Hundreds of travellers explored this place throughout the year. You can find a plenty of cultural excitement also. All of these makes Santa Cruz perfect for families, singles, and couples. Hundreds of travellers excited to visit it for a moderate climate and natural environment. You can try to visit this scenic place during the summer season. Downtown is a famous tourist spot in Santa Cruz city. It houses several storage platforms and businesses. This place features street performers, musicians, artists, and etc.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an oceanfront amusement park located in California. Famous California’s oldest surviving amusement park and one of the popular seaside parks. It offers a wide range of attractions to the travellers. Santa Cruz seaside Beach Boardwalk amusement park established in 1907. From November to February months are best months to explore the exciting attractions in this park. The boardwalk’s Cocoanut Grove, Banquet rooms are performing art venue at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Food, Drink, and theatres are the profitable assists from early days. Serving alcoholic drinks was illegal in this amusement park, so they changed a name to Cocoanut Grove. This name was also used in the Max Brothers movie, The Cocoanuts of 1929. Looff Carousel, a musical merry-go-round are famous attractions for kids.

Main Beach & Cowell Beach

Main Beach, also known as Boardwalk’s amusement park. Because of Amusement park situated a length of Santa Cruz main beach. It is another famous tourist attraction in Santa Cruz. The Main beach stretches from San Lorenzo River. Cowell Beach, the name of beach west of the Municipal Pier in Downtown. It also called Cowell’s beach. Cowell Beach is another beach located in Santa Cruz. Surfing, Wind Surfing, and Kite Surfing are the famous adventure activities to do in Cowell Beach. Volleyball is popular here. Thousands of travellers explored this beach from mid-May to September. The famous expert surf spot between Santa Cruz and Cowell beach called as streamline. Cowell Beach is one of the most polluted beaches in California. But, Surfing is the famous activity when the Beach conditions are right. 

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