Mount Anderson Travel Guide: Best Attractions To Visit In Mount Anderson

Mount Anderson Travel Guide: Best Attractions To Visit In Mount Anderson

Mount Anderson is a major mountain located in the Olympic range within Olympic National Park. It is located at an altitude of 7333ft above the sea level. Climbing is the famous tourist attraction in this location. The best time to explore the scenic nature of Mt. Anderson is in Spring and Summer season. Hundreds of travellers explored this mountain during their summer vacation holidays. Shi Shi Beach, Lincon Memorial, Bonanza Peak, Buckner mountain, Chair Peak, Colonial Peak, Columbia Peak, Dome peak, Forbidden are famous tourist attractions in and around Mount Anderson. Tumwater falls is another famous tourist attraction near mount Anderson. This is the series of cascades of the Deschutes in Tumwater, Washington, United States. This is famous for its Rectangular rock sculptures.

Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Beach is a part of Olympic National Park and it is a forest camping site and offered a wide range of attractions to the travellers. Picturesque view of Shi Shi Beach is a perfect spot for Hiking. Thousands of visitors explored this place during the summer season. This hike can easily be done in a day. Hiking, camping, surfing, fishing, and swimming are the major attractions in Shi Shi Beach. The beach has all the elements to make it as one of the tranquil beaches.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is an American National Monument. Located on the western end of the National Hall in Washington. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in this destination. This memorial constructed in Greek Revival architectural style. The reflecting pool at the base of the steps is a well-known site in Lincoln Memorial spot. Thousands of travellers explored Lincoln Memorial during their vacation holidays. Reflecting pool is the part of Lincoln Memorial. This type of pools are common at Memorials. This memorial has 18feet Abraham Lincoln statue. He sits in a crucial chair which represents power and authority.

Bonanza Peak

Bonanza Peak is a tall peak located in the North Cascades in U.S of Washington. Located at an altitude of 9, 516ft above the sea level. Bonanza, the glacier peak wilderness of the Wenatchee National Forest. It is another famous tourist attraction in Mount Anderson, Washington. Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Scrambling are the famous adventurous activities to do on Bonanza Peak. 


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