The Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa


The Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa

The Vervet monkey foundation situated about 23 hectare which is not for profit, a center for education, rehabilitation, and sanctuary for Vervet monkeys. This sanctuary established in 1993 situated approximately 80 miles south of Capricorns. This foundation is a recreational park to protect and educate monkeys. The foundation also serves as a center to provide research and education to students. It is one of the visited places in South Africa.

Vervet Monkey Foundation

Teamwork is a hugely important factor in the success of Sanctuary. It sanctuary provides experience to volunteers. Debengeni Waterfalls, Tzaneen Dam Nature Reserve, Agatha Crocodile Ranch, Panorama Pedals, Q&M Tours are famous tourist attractions in and around Vervet Monkey Foundation

Debengeni Waterfall

Situated near the dense forests of the Magoebaskloof. the roaring Debengeni Waterfalls is a magical spot for picnicking or swimming in the crystal pool. Named for the deeply carved pool, Debengi means ‘place of the big pot’. Right in the middle of hiking country, it’s also notable for some rare species of birds. One of these is the colorful Grey Wagtail, a regular summer visitor to this pool. 

Tzaneen Dam Nature Reserve

Tzaneen Dam surrounded by nature reserve and if offers watersports, camping, and boating opportunities. It is also known as Fanie Botha Dam built in 1976. Fanie Both Dam constructors are built it to supply the water to farms. Fishing, boating are known activities to do in this reserve. 

Panorama Pedals

Panorama Pedals Cycling is another famous activity to do in this place. Visit world-renowned Kruzer park and breathtaking Blyde River Canyon. Cycling, Fishing, and boating are the famous adventure activities to do in this place. You will enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Panorama Pedals tour. It also situated about a few kilometers from Vervet Monkey Foundation. This tour offers learning spots, experience spots, and Relaxation places as well. You can also try to learn traditional handicrafts at this place. 


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