Paris Animal Sanctuary: Exotic Animals and Natural Beauty

Paris Animal Sanctuary: Exotic Animals and Natural Beauty

Parc des Lenis is a zoological park located in France. This Park is known for breeding and conservation of Cat family. It was established in 2006 with an area of 148 acres. Paris Animal Sanctuary is a home to more than 175 species of Animals, Birds, and vegans and different species of Felins. Thousands of travelers have explored this park during the Spring, Summer, and Winter season.

Paris Animal Sanctuary: Exotic Animals and Natural Beauty

Galin Cheetah, Katanga Lion, South Africa Cheetah, Sand Cats, African Wildcats, Persian Leopards, Caracals, Black Panther, White Lion, Black-footed cats, and Fishing cats are known species of animals in this park. Margays. Jaguar, ocelots, Geoffroy’s cat, Oncillas, Pumas, Jaguarundis, Bobcat, Sumatran Tigers, Srilanka Leopard, Asian Golden Cat, Jungle Cat, Tigers, Fishing Cat, Siberian Tigers, Amur Leopards. Eurasian Lynx, Amur Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Pallas’s cat, Snow leopards are other cat species available at this place during the summer and spring seasons. 

Best Time To Visit Parc des Lenis Zoological Park 

A pleasant time to visit Parc des Lenis park is in the Blooming season. At this time, Flowers appear, Birds Sing, and Plants Grown. This is also time for cats to leave them winter fur. Summer is the best season to experience the nature of this park and animals are active at this time. Perfect for spending lot of time, climbing trees, and playing. It offers a wide range of adventure activities to the adventure seekers.

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