World’s Most Colourful Beaches: Black, Pink, and Green Sand Beaches


World’s Most Colourful Beaches: Black, Pink, and Green Sand Beaches

The coastline of the world offers colorful sand beaches such as Black, Green, Pink, and Red, Orange sand beaches to the regular visitors. These multicolor sand beaches situated in Hawaii, Bermuda, and Iceland. If you are planning a vacation or look for a new place to stay a few days, then you are trying to visit rainbow color beaches across the world. Most of us have the beach but if you see red, Black Volcanic, purple, pink, green color beaches? Here we provide the world’s most colourful beaches, ainbow color sand beaches around the world.

Black Sand Beach

Punalu’u beach is a beach town located in between Panah and Naaluhe on the Big Island of U.S State in Hawaii. It is one of the famous Black sand beaches around the world. The sand made with Basalt and lava. Thousands of travelers explored this beach during the summer season. At this time, the sand doesn’t absorb Sunrise. Swimming area at Black Sand Beach is very rocky and the place is dangerous to swim. The beach contains a huge amount of fresh underground water. It also a home to underground lives. This fresh water looks very cold and contains Gasoline mixing with water.

Pink Sand Beach

Elafonisi is an island located southwest to the Mediterranean Island of Crete. The Island attracted the visitors with its Pink Sand Beach spots. A long walk to the Island through Shallow water will give a pleasant experience to each one. Elafonisi beach known for its Pink Sand beach locations. Well-known as the beach is a protected nature reserve. Hundreds of nature lovers explored this beach during their vacation holidays. You can try to take a click at this beach. The lighthouse at this beach was destroyed during the Second world war period. 

Green Sand Beach

Papakolea Beach, one of the famous Green Sand Beaches around the world. It was located near South Point in Pau district of the Islands of Hawaii. The water of this beach contains several species of Minerals. Papakolea Green Sand Beach famous for its Magma Cools. Olivine locally known as Hawaii Diamonds. 


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