Complete details of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh


Complete details of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh

Kanha  Tiger Reserve is famous in Madhya Pradesh. It has one of the Largest National Parks in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. The Tiger Reserve has also known as Kanha National Park. The Park has famous for Tigers, and other Forest Animals. Kanha Tige Reserve split into the Two parts. It has located near to the Mandla city. The two parts located in two districts Mandla and Balaghat. It has one of the famous destination in Madhya Pradesh. The park has home for the thousand species of Plantations. Here you can find more wild animals. The open forest location attracted thousands of travelers throughout the year. The Park has established in 1955 and it was considered as Tiger reserve in 1976. Kanha Tiger Reserve gives thrilling experience to the each traveler.

Climate Condition and Best time for visit

The Summer session is started from March to till July. In summer, It has received extreme hot climate. The average temperature is in Summer Session 40 degree Celsius. During the winter it receives up to 10 degree Celsius. According to the Monsoon session in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha sanctuary received up to 152cm rainfall. Travelers, we advise avoiding Summer session. The best time to visit this destination during the months of October to May months.

Access points and Accommodation

The destination has well connected to the Major cities in Madhya Pradesh. The nearest airport is located in Jabalpur. It has a railway station to access the park destination easily. The Mandla and Balaghat district well-connected to the major cities in Madhya Pradesh. Regular Buses, Taxis available for the travelers.

Kanha National Park destination provides accommodation facilities for the Tourists. Buy you can start reservation or book early during the Tourist session. Because of the destination visited by the Foreign travelers also.

Entry Fee 

The National Park has provided entry for the travelers. It offered Rs. 1850 for Indian Citizen. The entry Fee Jeep cost is Rs. 1800 as Six persons in one Group. And Additional Rs. 300 for Guide of Jeep. In the park has Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopards, Red Fox, Plantations, Jungle Cat, Deer, Gura, Indian Wolf, Honey Badger. Kanha National Park has one of the famous and Largest destinations for the Madhya Pradesh State people.

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