Sikkim Summer Tourism- Best Place to Visit in Summer Occasion


Sikkim Summer Tourism- Best Place to Visit in Summer Occasion

Sikkim is one of the famous Summer destination in India. It has a northern state in India. The Place has a border by China its North and East side of Sikkim. Sikkim Summer Tourism places attracted tourists with its known hill stations and tourist places. Thousands of tourists visit this destination throughout the year. But some spots in Sikkim perfect to visit during the Summer session. Fascinating and exciting spots in the Northern state of India, Sikkim filled with full of Joy and viewable nature. Gangtok city is largest and Capital of Sikkim state. The state has mainly divided into four districts. North Sikkim, East, South, and West Sikkim. It has a second smallest state in India after Goa. Visitors can make a trip to Sikkim for Enjoying your Summer holidays. It has the best destination for a Summer occasion.

Climate Conditions in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the five states in India to receive regular Snowfall from the Himalayas. It has located near to the Himalayas. General all states have session, winter, summer, and Monsoon. But Sikkim has five Session, Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Monsoon. Sikkim state has Sub- Tropical, and High tropical climate. It records average temperature around all year is 18 degree Celsius. A Monsoon session starts from June to September. It this session, It received a maximum of Rainfall. In Winter, The temperature ranges between O degree Celsius to -40 degree Celsius. It has a dangerous session for visiting. Best time to visit this destination during the Summer session. In Summer is provides a favorable climate.

Attractions and Things To Do in Sikkim Summer Tourism

The State Capital of Gangtok has famous Summer Special Hill Station in Sikkim. The Smallest North Easter state of Sikkim attracted tourists with Beautiful Buddhist Monasteries and Adventure spots. The place has known for Adventure enthusiasts with White Water Rafting, Kayaking,  Paragliding, Gurgling. Sikkim offered Pematangtsa Monastery and Himalayan National Park. In Sikkim offered myriad opportunities for travelers. After reaching this place, you can find more attractions of Sikkim.

Like, unexplored Caves, Gushing, Lush lakes, Buddhist Monasteries, High Altitude Lakes, Himalayan Trekking Trail is one of the famous adventure sport in Sikkim. The Place has well known for Indian travelers and Foreign tourists. Some have made Journey to some Sikkim Summer special destinations. Gangtok, Namchi, Ravangla, and Lush Valleys to explore. These have to make it as an Idel place for tourists, Adventures, Family Occasions, and also for HoneyMoon spots.


Sikkim Largest and Capital city  Gangtok. It has situated at an elevation of 2050 meters above sea level at East Sikkim. It has famous for Monasteries. Thousands of Buddhism followers visit this destination during the Summer session. The place has filled with greenish and snow capped ways throughout the year.


Namchi has another famous summer special hill station in Sikkim. The place offered pleasant climate during the visitng session. Best time to visit this destination during March to October months. It has located in South Sikkim. Sikkim Summer Tourism escapes your summer holidays with full of Joy and gives memorable days in Summer occasion.

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